Confidence Building

The Norfolk Coaching Company provides this service for employers/employees as well as individuals wanting to increase their confidence.

You may be struggling with speaking up in meetings, or social occasions, or speaking up for yourself in various relationships, you may not feel confident enough to go for a promotion/apply for a job. Wherever you are lacking in confidence, some coaching sessions with The Norfolk Coaching Company will help you to find that confidence.

Life Coaching

As business owners and managers, we have all led people who have taken a knock in their confidence. We have seen intelligent, bright, capable people become a shell of their former self. This may have initially presented in a different behaviour presented by them or they may have been deemed disruptive or they may have stopped speaking up in meetings and appear withdrawn. You may also have noticed an increase in absence or unreliability.

The Norfolk Coaching company gets to the root cause and identifies any limiting beliefs. Confidence is built upon by listening, helping to identify values and various confidence building activities. All sessions are individualised for you as our customer. Our aim is to make it a fun learning process, equipping you with new skills.

Professional Development 

The Norfolk Coaching Company’s Professional development coaching is aimed at junior and new employees and can work alongside your company induction. It can also work well either prior to or post appraisal.

Life Coaching

You may have someone who has the right technical experience and eagerness to apply for a promotion however, they may be lacking the right professional behaviours expected at the next level. Professional development coaching helps people to be the best version of their professional self.

The Norfolk Coaching Company works with coachees to provide a personalised programme.

Leadership Development

The Norfolk Coaching Company has developed this for anyone working towards their first leadership position or who may already be established in a leadership role. It may be recognised during an employee’s appraisal that they need to learn leadership skills.

You/your employee will be coached into considering what leadership is about, how individual leadership styles impact on a team and finding ways for them to develop on their own leadership style.

Again, The Norfolk Coaching Company delivers this in a professional environment which is fun and interactive. This programme is a combination of coaching conversations, activities and leadership style assessment to determine what type of leader they are.

Professional Behaviours

The Norfolk Coaching Company provides professional behaviour coaching for individuals and teams. 

Behaviours in the workplace can enhance a working culture or be disruptive and subsequently have a detrimental impact on business. When the right behaviours are learnt, the change in how people work is measurable. When professional behaviours are learnt, customers report that the work culture is a calmer, kinder and far more efficient place with a greater work output, our graduates also feel better about themselves and their conduct.

Life Coaching

Our programme coaches individuals into a growth mindset. All participants will learn the following skills: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, effective listening, communication and will learn to respond calmly rather than react with knee-jerk responses, resulting in accountability for their own actions. 

Life Coaching

Everyone deserves to feel good in their life, don’t they? Yes, that includes you too!

The Norfolk Coaching Company’s Life Coaching works by helping clients to identify what change they want in their lives. It may be a maladaptive relationship, it may be a project they have wanted to do for so long but felt they never could, whatever it maybe we help them to discover how to achieve it.

Our clients have reported how Life Coaching with us has had a cathartic effect on them, they feel they have a clearer purpose and have achieved things they had previously thought they would never accomplish.