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Menopause consultations & coaching

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Menopause Education


Victoria Howell, founder of the The Norfolk Coaching Company. 

Victoria’s passion has always been to support people to develop themselves into more inspired, motivated and confident people, who realise they can achieve their career and life aspirations. It is from this passion that The Norfolk Coaching Company was born.

Menopause Education

Having worked in the NHS as a nurse for over two decades, Victoria has the experience, knowledge, skills and desire to help people; providing the best management and coaching services possible. 

We have developed training for teams, quality assurance tools, service improvement programmes and worked to a continuous improvement framework to ensure that teams felt valued and wanted to engage and provide the best services they could resulting in guaranteed quality services.

Life Coaching

The Norfolk Coaching Company says:

“We feel very privileged to be part of someone’s journey. It is so very satisfying to coach or mentor someone and see them grow and flourish and take the right path for themselves.  To see people become more confident in themselves is such an added positive outcome”. 

It is important that women and men know about the support that is available during this time. Therefore, the Norfolk Coaching Company has invested in Menopause training with the British Menopause Society and Newson Health (The Menopause Dr) to ensure that accurate, up to date evidenced based practice can be shared.

Life Coaching

The Norfolk Coaching Company also has a passion for helping women who may be going through the peri-menopause or menopause to find strategies to support them through what can be a difficult time.

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Victoria Howell
[email protected]

PG Cert Healthcare Leadership, BSc, DipHe Nursing Adult, DipHe Coach Practitioner, DipHe LCW.

Founder: The Norfolk Coaching Company Limited

Registered Nurse Adult (RNA) (DipHe)
Coach Mentor Practitioner (DipHe)
Post Graduate Health Care Leadership
Bachelor of Science

Member of:
Nursing and Midwifery Council
NMC Check membership here
Royal College of Nursing
Primary Care Women’s Health Forum
British Menopause Society